Triangle of performance, comfort and design

Triangle of performance, comfort and design

The HISWA boat show visitors simply cannot have missed the DOMANI: with its metallic silver hull and deck, the large sun deck, its minimal design… the yacht caught everyone’s eye. Plenty of reason to interview the boat’s designer, Belgian Michael Goddaert.

Sailing pilot

Michael is a commercial pilot, but found himself in yacht building after Sabena went bankrupt. He learnt all about high tech building methods and innovative boat design working for Ionic Yachts and Zeydon.

His dream however was to own a boat himself, so Michael searched the market for a sporty daysailer with a modern and simple design – he was in fact looking for a mini version of a Wally. After some time, he had to conclude such boat simply didn’t exist in an affordable version, so he decided to build his ideal daysailer himself.

Idea to first DOMANI

Michael eventually came across Amsterdam-based yacht designer Peter Bosgraaf and asked him to design a boat that is sporty, yet also very enjoyable for guests that might be less of a sailing aficionado.

Performance, comfort and design

To Michael, design doesn’t only mean that the sailing architecture is right, but that the boat itself looks fantastic as well.

The large after deck, inspired by the iconic Riva Aquarama, is his definition of the true sailing lifestyle.

Once the design was finished, Michael’s vision had matured also. He wanted to actually start manufacturing this yacht. Build number 1 became a test boat, the DOMANI S28. Spending lots of hours sailing this boat helped to actually decide what fine-tuning still was required to eventually end up with the perfected version.

Testing boat to dream boat

After a year of sailing the prototype, Michael knew exactly what changes he deemed necessary. These were then used to design the S30.

The largest adjustment was the hull becoming 6 cm wider, opening up all kinds of new possibilities, which you will notice in the inside living space.

Where the bowsprit was first mounted in the actual deck, it became integrated, which in fact means it’s seamlessly linked to the hull via an oblique hull to deck joint in the front deck.

The stern has become more open, inviting you for a refreshing plunge in the water, straight from the sun deck.

For the build of the DOMANI S30, Michael selected a high-tech firm in Friesland, that first mills the plug in Styrofoam, using the technique also used to manufacture the plugs for the sails of wind mills. These moulds are then transferred to Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders, who also manufacture, amongst others, C-Yachts and the luxurious Wajer motor yachts.

Test sailing trips in Bruinisse marina

On March 15, 2018, the dream boat DOMANI S30 was launched in the Bruinisse marina for first test sailing trips will clients.

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