Sneak peek of the DOMANI E32 Chaseboat @ zero e-mission

Sneak peek of the DOMANI E32 Chaseboat @ zero e-mission

At BOOT Düsseldorf 2018, Jaap De Jonge and Michael Goddaert met for the first time.

Jaap, having a background as hydrodynamic engineer with a career in design, engineering and operations at Royal Huisman and Damen, was the driving force in the design phase of the ideal hull for a motor boat with electric propulsion. While most motorboat manufacturers transformed their existing V-hulls for electric propulsion, Jaap opted for a completely new type of hull to make optimum use of the power of electricity. He didn’t just want to build an E-conversion, but a hull specially developed for efficiency.

And so Michael and Jaap have joined forces to create the first full-electric, zero emission chaseboat. The typical looks and lines of the S30 DOMANI Sportyacht were applied to a new hull: the E32 DOMANI Chaseboat was born.

The sound of the bow wave is the standard

Domani goes for silence and only wants to hear the bow wave at a speed of 10 knots by focusing engineering specifically on sound insulation of pumps, motors and propellers.

Together with Bosgraaf and Anthierens, the Dutch architect and Belgian designer of the S30 Sportyacht, Jaap and Michael will launch the DOMANI E32 in the autumn of 2019.