Smart Dutch sailing yacht builders do it again

Smart Dutch sailing yacht builders do it again

The Dutch sailing yacht builders have had a few tough years but the smartest sailing yacht builders are still able to run a healthy businesses. How do they do that?

Opportunities for quality yacht builders

Dutch yachts are known worldwide for their high quality. They are not series builders such as Bavaria or Bénéteau. Those interested in Dutch made yachts are often experienced water sports enthusiasts who know what they want and have high demands. So there are plenty of opportunities in that market.

Sharing boats holds no longer

A few years ago we all suddenly had to share boats. Property was not hip anymore. Today this trend no longer holds. “You do not want to share a boat with a tightly lacquered teak deck but just have it yourself” says Dennis and Dean Hennevanger, the proud owners of Saffier.

Less sailing holidays, more daysailing

The water sports as a whole is changing and shifts from multi-day trips to daysailing trips. That explains the popularity of sloops and the revival of the daysailers.

The Dutch water sport business

Belgium and the Netherlands has about 130 professional shipyards: 90 yards building motor yachts, 25 yards building sloops and 15 yards building sailboats.

There are 4,200 water sports companies in Belgium and the Netherlands, including 1,100 marinas with 20 berths or more.

The gross turnover of all water sports companies in Belgium and the Netherlands is 2.1 billion euros and the sector employs 20,300 people.


Dutch yacht builders have in recent years adapted to market demand with superior quality. And that is exactly where there are opportunities for enterprising water sports companies.