DOMANI S30 sport & comfort daysailer

The ultimate sport yacht for exclusive sailing sensations

In a world full of change & evolution DOMANI wished to create an new kind of yacht, different by distinct design and hand built in small series, that takes you back to the essence of sailing. This yacht we like to call the Sport yacht.
Sport being defined by its vivid character and blistering performance, Yacht as in Yachting lifestyle – voyaging, racing or sipping cocktails passionately.

Experiencing a DOMANI S30 Sport yacht feels like writing your own story. Skillfully built and personally selected, every Sportyacht is made to order, reflecting her owners’ personality.

Driven by a desire for freedom and distinct by progressive design – DOMANI is about sailing Gran Turismo style; fast, fun & luxurious, a timeless elegance worthy of admiring looks.

Welcome to DOMANI’s world of Sailing.


It’s in the details

Only the very best

DOMANI is about quality; only the best materials are used for the S30: rigging in aluminum or carbon fibre by Seldén, Harken winches and deck gear, Permateek synthetic decking, Jefa steering system and a Torqeedo or Yanmar saildrive. Each and every one of them top rated brands, renown for their quality, service and durability.

“For years, I was on a quest to find the sailing yacht of my dreams: sporty, luxurious and comfortable, but also compact in size and worth the investment. I just couldn’t find the daysailer that ticked all these boxes so we decided to build it ourselves, bringing together design, performance and Yachting lifestyle. Crafted by hand in small series with only the best materials.”

Michael Goddaert, founder

Discover the unique sailing experience of the DOMANI S30

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