Enjoy sailing again

Enjoy sailing again

The story of a sailors family and their DOMANI S30 – building number 4

Sailing is a true passion in the family of Eric, Annet, Carlijn, Hedwig and ship dog Fred. Their last boat was an Elan 40 performance cruiser where they sailed with pleasure over 26,000 miles from the Channel Islands and the English South Coast to Norway, Sweden, Aland, Finland, Estonia and even to St. Petersburg. Many beautiful memories.

Customer review from Eric

‘Besides the Elan 40 we also sail with a J22. A sports enthusiast without any comfort. Sailing on the J22 is much more fun than on the Elan. You immediately feel what happens and you do not need winches or tools for everything. The daughters are getting bigger and now like to sail with the J. Time for change and looking for a new boat.’

Our wishes

‘We are looking for a boat that excels in good sporting sailing characteristics, a spacious cockpit, a maximum depth of 1.2m, an interior with comfort and kitchinette and last but not least a trailerable boat that allows us to discover unknown places.
The test run with the DOMANI S30 really made the difference. On a beautiful Sunday in March, together with Michael, the man behind DOMANI, the Grevelingen on a sunny day with 3 to 4 Beaufort. An amazing experience! Unbelievable how you can easily make 6 to 7 knots with a 30 footer … ‘

DOMANI builds our new boat

‘During the construction we visited the shipyard in Brecht a few times and it is a very nice experience to be involved in the construction and to see how your own S30 gets shape and content. There was a lot of thought, but there are countless details that you can decide on yourself.’

500 miles further

‘We are now more than 500 miles away. We took the boat in Bruinisse in use and sailed through the Wadden Sea via Stellendam, IJmuiden and Den Helder. We have been on Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, but we also sailed IJsselmeer and Frisian lakes. We have been on the water for 5 weeks and have had all kinds of weather. Warm with little wind and a little cooler with a lot of wind. Rain has not been spared us either.’

‘We can answer the question whether the boat meets our expectations. The answer is yes. We have the feeling of sailing on a real sailing boat again. The boat can be sailed quickly and easily in all circumstances. And with the extra foresail, the code-0, we have a lot of fun. Not the hassle of a spinnaker and the fun!’

The great cockpit where the DOMANI is truly unique.

‘Most of the time you are outside and the spacious cockpit with the special Domani cushions makes this a real treat.’

Small is beautiful

‘With the choice of our DOMANI S30, we opted for a luxury daysailer that fully meets our requirements. Sailing pleasure in optimal form with sufficient comfort to stay on board for a longer period of time. ‘