That's right! We will be at BOOT TULLN from 2 to 5 March, and we are organising our DOMANI Sailing Days from 18 to 26 March in Wemeldinge, the Netherlands.

You can sail the new S32 Lounge, the S30 Club, and the S30 Sportyacht from the 18th till the 26th of March in Wemeldinge, the Netherlands.

Feel and sail the ALL NEW S32 Lounge and discover these features:
  • All lines run invisibly under cover but on top of the deck, easily accessible, no intrusion in the interior, no risk of water leaks.
  • Full led lighted deck for safe circulation on deck and a unique recognizable appearance.
  • Sun lounger on the aft decks for more comfort and an excellent view on the swimmers.
  • Integrated fold-out sturdy stainless steel swim ladder at stern.
  • Controls for light and appliances fully digital & bus engineered.
  • Only full E saildrives. DOMANI remains faithful to the zero-emission ambition.
Or sail the S30 Club:
  •  2nd generation S30, focussed 100% on fast and fun sailing.
  • Agile and yet the most comfortable deck layout in it’s class.
  • The interior trimmed down to the bare necessity.
  • Built of lightweight sandwich construction and unlike competitors, all parts are vacuum infused.
  • Very stiff yacht that is easy to control wether you are a novice or competitive sailor.
Off course the well proven S30 Sportyacht will be available for you too.
Just let us know with the below form, and we will reserve your spot!

Come meet us at Boot Tulln, or sail the S32L, the S30 Club or S30 Sportyacht in the Netherlands, book below: