S30 Lounge

In the S30 Lounge, the steering position has moved well aft with all sail controls at hand. A twin steering wheel set up keeps the central social area free, guests can remain comfortably seated in an even larger seating area. Unobstructed by sailing manoeuvres they can enjoy a beautiful day of sailing. Circulation towards the stern & sun deck remains open.

From the steering position the DOMANI S30 Lounge remains true to its DOMANI spirit of combining sportiness, performance and elegant design. The lower super structure leads to an even more roadster kind of appearance. The S30 Lounge offers the best focus on leisure of any daysailer and the helmsman’s interaction with the guests is guaranteed.

A practical foldable table offers support when under sail and comfort when at anchor, unique in its size range.

The S30 Lounge remains true to its DNA – Gran Turismo style sailing; fast, fun and luxurious. Skilfully built and made to order.

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