DOMANI launches the E32 full electric Chaseboat Avanti

DOMANI launches the E32 full electric Chaseboat Avanti

At DOMANI, we love water and all beautiful things on water. Whether you are sailing with elegance, speed and performance in great winds, or silent motoring on a beautiful lake, DOMANI, driven by change and innovation, decided to introduce a full electric Chaseboat in the same DOMANI spirit.

The DOMANI S30 sailing Sportyacht has proven that sportiness, performance and luxurious elegance can be combined. The E32 Chaseboat will display the same qualities, confirming DOMANI’s vision of change, innovation and uniqueness.

The E32 will be the world’s most efficient and quiet Chaseboat, built for range and speed @ zero emission.

Most efficient, full electric, zero emission Chaseboat in the world

This Chaseboat is cruising from 7 to 12kts and topping at 20kts. The goal is to offer zero noise, zero emission and a joyful new experience on the water. As sailboat builders we bring the art of lightweight and stiff boatbuilding.