The development

The story of developing the DOMANI E32

At BOOT Düsseldorf in 2018 Jaap De Jonge and Michael Goddaert met for the first time. Jaap, having a background as an hydrodynamical engineer with the famous Dutch Damen Shipyard and having a career in design, engineering and operations with both Royal Huisman and Damen, was very interested in the lines and looks of the S30 Sportyacht. He mentioned to Michael he was busy designing the ideal hull for a motorboat with electrical propulsion.

Existing brands of motorboat manufacturers are already converting their existing V-hulls to electric propulsion. Due to the very distinct properties of electro propulsion, Jaap designed a fully new kind of hull, ideally built to exploit the power of electricity to the fullest, in this case 52kW, making the boat as performant and quiet on the water as possible. The hull is specifically developed 100% for efficiency, and is not just another “E-conversion”.

Michael and Jaap joined forces, as to create the first full-electric, zero emission chaseboat. The typical sexy looks, lines and reversed shear of the S30 DOMANI Sportyacht were applied to the new hull and the E32 Chaseboat was born. Michael and Jaap named it a chaseboat, as motor remembered them too much of noisy diesel propulsion.

The sound of the bow wave is the claim. We aim at hearing only the bow wave when cruising at 10 knots. Engineering focusses specifically on soundproofing of pumps, motors, and propeller.

Together with Bosgraaf and Anthierens -the Dutch architect and Belgian designer of the S30 Sportyacht- the hull design of Jaap, and the DOMANI touch of Michael.

DOMANI Yachts will launch the DOMANI E32 in the autumn of this year.

E32: Most efficient, full electric, zero emission Chaseboat in the world

This chaseboat is cruising from 7 to 12kts, topping 20kts if you want.

Our goal is to offer zero noise, zero emission and a joyful new experience on the water.

As sailboat builders we bring the art of lightweight and stiff boatbuilding.

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