Technical details

DOMANI E32 – technical details

Design DOMANI & AHA Creatives
Naval architecture Bosgraaf Yacht Design, Amsterdam
Length overall 9.50 m
Width overall 2.70 m
Weight overall from 2300 kg
Engine High Voltage Direct drive: 52kW
Construction Sandwich Eglass, vinylester with hi-tech pvc core
Max. persons 8
Price Upon request


The High Voltage drive we offer is being developed in house and we call it the AVANTI E drive. The high voltage engine delivers 52 kW.

For the first launch, Domani incorporated high end systems with the best track record originating from the most demanding industries.

DOMANI launches the first E32 with a direct driven axial flux engine with a power of 52kW continuous. This engine, with a solid track record in EV cars and aviation, has one of the highest power densities in the industry.

The engine will be resiliently mounted to a very rigid in-house designed drivetrain via a homokinetic thrust bearing joint. All designed to absorb even the last mechanical noises.

A 40kWh LiFePo4 battery pack – originating from the transport industry designed for extreme heavy duty and passing the strictest crash tests – will power the electrical engine.

LiFePo4 battery packs do not suffer from thermal runaway, don’t need cooling which makes them the safest lithium battery available.

The onboard battery charger can be connected to either a single-phase connection; charging with 3kW (80% in 11 hours) or to a three-phase connection; charging with maximum 22kW (80% in 1,5 hour).

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen will be a multi-functional touch screen showing all engine and battery parameters and digital chart, but can also be used for controlling digital switching, light dimming, controlling hatches, AV controls etc.

A so-called DC to AC inverter of 6kW will be installed which will convert the high voltage DC current to a domestic 230V AC. This enables us to install domestic equipment without installing a generator set. An induction cooking plate or espresso machine can be used during sailing without the noise of a generator.

The onboard charger is so stable that a simple portable generator upto 5kVA can be plugged into the shore connection while sailing, creating a simple range extender while maintaining a cruising speed of 6 knots.

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