E32 Chaseboat

Domani e32 chaseboat

100 nautical miles on one single charge

The DOMANI E32 is the world’s most efficient and quiet Chaseboat, built for ultimate range and speed @ zero emission. The sound of the bow wave is the claim. We aim at hearing only the bow wave when cruising at 10 knots. Engineering focusses specifically on soundproofing of pumps, motors, and propellor. The E32 is cruising efficiently from 7 to 12kts, topping 20kts.

A completely new type of hull, ideally built to exploit the power of electricity to the fullest, in this case a 50kW drive unit, making the boat as performant and quiet on the water as possible. The hull is specifically developed for the best efficiency possible.

domani yachts e32

Tailor Made: Belgian design, Dutch made

The typical sexy looks, lines and reversed shear of the S30 Sportyacht were applied to the new hull of the E32 Chaseboat, thus displaying the same qualities as the S30 Sportyacht, confirming DOMANI’s vision of innovation, technology and uniqueness.

With our goal of realising your dreams and visions the DOMANI E32 Chaseboat is tailor made, one boat at a time, which results in a truly unique personalised yacht.

Rarety is created from inspiration; special paints, colors, fabrics or an owner’s specific wishes. In close collaboration with the design & builder’s team DOMANI takes personalisation to a new level.

The excitement of receiving a tailor made yacht is a once in a life time experience.

Driving sustainability in superyachting

With its cutting edge digital technology and innovative E drive system, the E32 Chaseboat belongs to the generation to whom sustainability and durability is becoming more important every day.

Custom lifting points can be integrated for easy lifting in Superyacht garages, fast DC charging and a vast array of customization is possible, according to owner’s wishes.

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