DOMANI chooses Torqeedo

DOMANI chooses Torqeedo

Keeping innovation in mind, the DOMANI team decided to use Torqeedo engines, as they are the most powerful electric sail drives in series production on the market. This makes cruising with sail yachts completely emission-free with less noise, vibrations and maintenance. The engines are part of a complete integration.

Torqeedo = thinking about the future

Superior drive train engineering

Superior thrust and efficiency are the result of targeted development, the use of the latest technology, the uncompromising and systematic optimization of all drive components and the careful matching of all components with each other.

Superior battery technology

Lithium-based batteries are the technology of choice for electric mobility applications. Torqeedo has been a pioneer in the development of lithium batteries for marine applications for more than a decade. They offer the most comprehensive and integrated security and safety concept for lithium batteries on the market, coupled with performance and convenience.

Propeller Technology

The VPVC propellers from Torqeedo cause a lot of thrust with little turbulence, extra speed with maximum efficiency. The VPVC propellers are a Torqeedo patent.

Safety above all

Torqeedo places great importance on careful material selection and uncompromising quality for all our cable connections, switches, plugs and fuses. This ensures minimum power loss and maximum standards of safety.