Carbon Pack with Seldén carbon mast on the DOMANI S30

Carbon Pack with Seldén carbon mast on the DOMANI S30

As an example of our commitment to quality, DOMANI offers Seldén carbon masts.

Seldén masts for anyone who loves speed

Carbon composite combines stiffness and strength with very low weight. Seldén low weight carbon spars have accentuated longitudinal stiffness. This means forestay tension can be substantially increased. All experienced sailors know what this means in terms of increased upwind performance. The combination of greater stiffness and reduced weight will bring you beyond the speed limits.

Most of the DOMANI S30 sportyachts sold are supplied with the carbon pack with the Sélden mast. Although aluminum is certainly not bad, carbon offers the following advantages:

  • Stiffer, so a little easier to trim the sails, because the tension can be increased with better wind performance
  • Lighter than aluminum. Less weight means more speed.
  • The beautiful black carbon look.
  • Carbon joystick in combination with the Sélden carbon mast.