NEW: DOMANI S32 Lounge

Ready for deliveries from 2021, we present you the new DOMANI S32 Lounge.

Whereas the initial ambition for the S32 Lounge was to offer the existing S30 Sportyacht with a steering wheel, it became clear during design and development we just needed the boat to offer the right balance and space as we always envisioned 4 clearly distinct zones:

  1. the DOMANI trademark Sun deck with an integrated bathing ladder
  2. the sail handling & steering zone with control of all halyards and sheets at hand
  3. the central social area with plenty of space to sit and lounge, and this also seated in the sailing direction
  4. and last but not least a beautiful and well finished interior

So, we went back to the drawing board to create a new DOMANI S yacht, the S32 Lounge.

Domani S32 lounge

In the S32 Lounge, the steering position has moved well aft with all sail controls at hand. A twin steering wheel set-up keeps the central social area for the guests or children who can remain comfortably seated in an even larger seating area, unobstructed by the sailing maneuvers. Circulation towards the stern & sun deck remains fluent.

From the steering position with their dedicated 12 inch plotter screens, the DOMANI S32 Lounge remains true to its DOMANI spirit of combining sportiness, performance and an elegant design. The low super structure leads to an even more roadster kind of appearance.

The S32 Lounge offers the best focus on leisure of any daysailer and the helmsman’s interaction with the guests is guaranteed.

Domani S32 lounge

The S32 Lounge remains true to its DNA – Gran Turismo style sailing; fast, fun and luxurious. Skillfully built at our new facilities in The Netherlands and made to order, one boat at a time.

The S32 will be the first DOMANI equipped with a lifting keel system allowing for a limited drag in the harbor and a deep keel for stability and speed when sailing.

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